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Translation service

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Translation service – prepare multilingual documents with no error

In over 100 languages
From the very beginning, we have been always upholding the philosophy of “Accuracy, Excellence and Speed” and committed to bridging our clients with international market and bring them extra value. Connecting with as many as over 10 thousand high-level linguists around the world whose mother tongue is Chinese, English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc., we are capable to translate documents in over 100 different languages to the target language at affordable rate and with top quality.

Any sector
We can handle documents from any sector in a professional manner, including finance, automobile, machinery, infrastructure, construction, IT and communication, medicine, energy, chemistry, water power generation, metallurgy, so on and so forth.

Any format
It’s our pleasure to provide clients with one-stop translation services. We have a number of full-time and part-time senior software engineers and DTP engineers and are capable of handling documents in any format, for example, user manual, brochure, office handbook, contract, report, book, magazine, etc.

Terminology of your own
All of our translation projects will go through a strict process during which a terminology database or glossary list will be formed to guarantee quality. Our self-developed terminology management system utilizes software and internet technologies to support this process. Linguists can save terms of different sectors into the system, and revise, update them in any time. As the technology advances, clients are more demanding on accuracy and standard output of terminologies, which asks us do more and better.

Translation work flow
① Receive original documents
② Quote and send contract
③ Confirm quote list correct, project initiated
④ Translate
⑤ Review
⑦ Submit documents in target language
⑧ Invoice
⑨ Payment, project completed

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