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Software localization

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Software localization – bring your customer extraordinary software experience

Covering every aspect
Software localization refers to transforming the original language on UI and additional materials (i.e. online help document) of a product to another, so that people speaking other language and from different culture background can easily understand.                            
We have experienced engineers specialized in software R&D, test and DTP to assure you of more accurate and user-friendly software localization. The services and solutions we offer include text translation in software localization, MBCS support, UI redesign and optimization, DTP, compiling, testing, etc. A premium and satisfied software experience is what you can expect at least.

Software localization workflow
① Evaluate workload, quote and prepare contract                          
② Confirm and project initiated                          
③ Clients provide software codes in original language for later localization
④ Localized translation: translate and review by our linguists with related experience
  ⑤ Localization test: including compiling, testing  and debugging of localized version                          
⑥ Generate test report and analyze error type                          
⑦ Correct localization and translation errors, and send errors in original language to clients to correct
⑧ Retest, correct remaining errors, then deliver the error-free version to the client                          
⑨ Accept and ask for feedback                          
⑩ Invoice                          
? Confirm and payment

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