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Combining Learning with Practice

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Combining Learning with Practice

Date: 2015-12-18 Viewed:

Source: Yarace

As for how to train talents, combine courses with practice and make students have a basic understanding for the career life, the only way is to combine learning with practice, which needs efforts from both companies and colleges.

In December, 2015, HUNAN YARACE TECH CO., LTD. formerly became the training base for the School of Foreign Languages of Changsha University of Science and Technology (CSUST). Before that, YARACE had communicated with the School of Foreign Languages of CSUST for several times on talents demands, student training patterns, recruitment conditions, etc.

Combining learning with practice.

The School of Foreign Languages of CSUST has introduced translation aids and arranges courses in a forward-looking manner. In YARACE, the students could get familiar with the career life. During their internship as a translator, the students put knowledge learned in school into practice and established a good occupational attitude. Problems encountered during their internship will contribute to the students’ targeted learning based on their interest after they go back to school, and thus the students can improve the study efficiency and become talents appropriate to the needs of society.

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